Monday, January 11, 2010

Sarah Palin, the new [Arctic] Fox

The blogosphere is awash in speculation about what Sarah Palin's new gig at Fox News will mean to her prospects in 2012. I predicted this summer that she would take time after resigning as Governor of Alaska and crank our her book. She did just that, ahead of schedule. Now, it seems, she has taken on another commitment about which we can only speculate as to its longevity. I say that this will not be a deterrent to her staying in the political fray, but one that will enhance it.

Just wait until tomorrow. There will be out-of-control speculation about what this Fox gig means for Sarah. What I think is hilarious is that the mainstream media and their buddies on network television won't want to carry the story for fear of further promoting Fox News. If you thought Fox had good ratings this year, wait until Sarah shows up.

I don't know if she'll be part of the Fox News panel on 2010 election night, but I would be shocked if Fox doesn't put her in some high-visibility position to draw viewers. This is a perfect forum for her. Moreover, her plans for an inspirational series on overcoming adversity is genius and will further cement her standing with the "regular" American.

Commonsense conservatism is about to get a makeover on Fox News in the persona of Sarah Palin. What do you think Fox's ratings will be on her first night? I wouldn't be surprised if Fox News decides to go up against the network newscasts in the 5pm to 6pm slot on Fox affiliates nationwide. Boy, would that ever be a kick in the teeth to perky Katie!

One other thought, can you see PDS go viral when Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck hook up to do some kind of collaborative piece?

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