Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas To All

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through D.C.,
not a pundit was stirring (at least not on TV).

All deadlines were met as the office did clear,
their latest opinions flung hither and near.

The editors all trudged to their favorite pubsite,
where eggnog and whiskey were poured through the night.

With Michelle in her Snuggie and Bam in his briefs,
they both hunkered down for a night without chiefs.

When up on the laptop arose such a clatter,
Sarah Palin had tweeted a new subject matter!

Away to the laptop Bam flew in a dash,
her new post would surely appear a flash!

As the screensaver crawled with The President's Seal,
Bam swiped the touchpad to see what he'd reveal.

When what to his horrified eyes should appear,
but a new Facebook post Sarah's fans would hold dear.

"Praise be to God on this wonderful day,
when He gave us His son to help light our way.

Though tucked in a manger with swaddling clothes
He'd grow to inspire with all that He knows.

As all Christians among us, The Founders would dwell,
on the strength and the wisdom His message did tell.

The message is clear to all who will hear it
our country is strong when we live in His spirit."

Aghast and bewildered, Bam fell back to bed
with visions of Sarah still spinning his head.

"What could this all mean?" Bam muttered in shock,
"I've given them hope but my re-election's no lock!"

"What message could ever be stronger than mine?
What hope can be offered for a free-market decline?"

To all that can listen, the message is clear,
we don't want Marxism, it's God we want near.

His message enlightens us all in our dreams,
The Founders knew more than political schemes.

They prayed to the heavens and asked for insight
to help stop a future destruction or plight.

It's all there for anyone willing to see,
founding docs and their history is all that need be.

They're anchored in praise to the God we all trust,
they're honest and simple and follow we must.

Forget the last Congress and for all that it stood,
we must say again, no Marxists for good!

For all of life's choices that bring good or ill,
it's the freedom of choice that gives liberty still.

I'd much rather choose between what's right or not,
than let D.C. do it for the pain that is wrought.

My holiday wish is to end all the mystery
that Bam and his cronies would do to our history.

We've struggled before and we've managed to mend,
we'll make sure that liberty does not ever end.

So be strong in convictions that guide us tonight
and every day hence as we further the fight.

I leave you to ponder the truth of His might,
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.