Friday, January 1, 2010

Don't Rush Your Thoughts

When I heard the news about Rush being taken to a hospital in Hawaii complaining of chest pains, I took pause. Listening to Rush for the last 20+ years I feel like I know him. I couldn't fathom the fact that he could have a heart attack at age 58. Especially not after losing so much weight over the last 12 months. He has never looked better.

I was reminded of my favorite radio host in the DFW area, Hal Jay, from WBAP, AM-820. The only reason I started listening to WBAP when I moved to Texas in 1995 was due to the fact that they carried Rush. I became an avid fan and have listened to WBAP every morning on the way to work since I've lived here.

A few years ago, Hal Jay suffered a heart attack while on vacation. Although the news was very concerning, it was disclosed by his fellow morning crew and it made the news much less worrisome. His crew even phoned him at the hospital so he could say a few words and I never felt that Hal was in danger of leaving us forever. In the end, Hal had a stint inserted into a blocked artery and he was back on the air in a few weeks. To this day, I continue to listen every morning.

There will come a time when our favorite voices are silenced forever. Whether it be a family member, close friend or radio personality, it will happen. Thankfully, for me, it didn't happen today. Rush's episode gave me pause, however, and I thank God that he and others will be around longer.

Rush's statement:
To my listeners,

Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts over the past several days. Today, I am leaving Queens Hospital in Honolulu, feeling strong and rested. I offer my deepest thanks to the staff and administration there, who provided excellent care and supervision.

I'm going to take several days of rest over this weekend and the early part of next week, and will be back on the radio with you sometime next week, taking the advice of so many of you to rest and fully recover.

I wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year in 2010!

With great thanks for your support and love,

Rush Limbaugh

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