Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Pathway To Sanity

There are always politicians that claim that they have a better idea, a better cause, or a higher calling. What that usually means is that they have another entitlement program, another way to cement their party's influence, or a means to establish their "legacy".

I have another idea. What about a politician that makes a concerted effort to unwind the scope of government? I'm not talking about cutting this pork project or that pork project, I'm talking about rolling up your sleeves and figuring out how to cut this government behemoth down to size.

What would that take on a federal level? After all, you have an entrenched population of government employees that are "protected" by a union. What can be done to re-define this union population in a way that actually is beholden to the electorate?

We have scores of lawyers that are tasked with the chore of putting together a government-run health-care system. They have come up with a monumental piece of legislative largesse that no one can understand, unless of course, you're an attorney who specializes in such things.

What about a legion of attorneys that are tasked with figuring out how to pare down the size of government? What would such an effort look like? I would venture to say that it would take months and months, similar to the effort on health-care. But the end product would be so much different: a scaled-back federal government that does not skimp on areas of REAL national interest, but instead puts the bang back in the taxpayers' buck.

True reform will never take the shape of additional government programs. It will only come by manning up to the task of curtailing those programs that do not serve the public good and DISCARDING them, once and for all. This is the ONLY pathway to sanity in federal government and I look forward to the candidate that understands that.

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  1. Good post. This is my dream. Unwind it. But you correctly identify the forces arrayed against such an embarrassingly constitutional idea...