Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sarah's Sense of Humor

I was watching a PJTV round-table discussing the prospects for 2010. Inevitably, the subject of Sarah Palin came up and along with that, comparisons to Ronald Reagan. The panel seemed to think that Sarah needed to do a better job with the media. Reagan, they thought, had cut his teeth in media and was much more adept at dealing with it because of his long experience in doing so.

I take exception to that. I don't think it was Ronald Reagan's "vast" experience with media, I think it was his sense of humor. Consider the following:

Sarah Palin needs to convert the chip on her shoulder about the "lamestream" media to one that disarms them. Her appearance at the Washington DC Gridiron dinner and subsequent appearance on the Tonight Show certainly shows that she's capable of just that.

I believe that her hard-fought independence and book tour has "lightened her up". I expect her to have many more favorable appearances in the media going forward. These appearances will do an awful lot to bolster her image and allow her to disarm the nasty questions from the MSM. Expect more comparisons to Reagan. They are her due.


  1. I think that Sarah Palin is very much like Ronald Reagan. She has begun to lighten up and put herself in more of a positive light. I hope she continues to do that. But, I do believe that we need someone like her that is willing to stand up and speak her mind instead of being wimpy along and being politically correct.

  2. A politician with common sense humor and class. How I miss those days.