Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend Wish List

When are people of influence going to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity and class? David Letterman has taken the final step into irrelevance with his tasteless comments regarding Sarah Palin and her daughter. And all for a cheap laugh. Should he still be considered an entertainer? I know that I'll never watch him again. He really should be fired. Sign the petition.

When are all the feminists going to rally to the Palin family's defense? If they don't, which is most likely, they are only showing their true colors, which is not to stand for the defense of women but to being connected to the issue for political gain only. NOW has come out with a statement in support of the Palins. Of course, at the same time, they have to take a pot shot at Rush Limbaugh for something he never said.

Are there ANY honest Democrats in the House or Senate? Are they simply going to roll over and let the Federal Government run our heathcare? Surely there has to be some clear-headed Democrats that KNOW what nationalizing heathcare will do to our country. Is there anybody out there?! Has the Federal Government ever run anything successfully and cheaper than private enterprise? Are the escalating costs the result of private enterprise or government meddling?

Is it just me, or does Obama really believe that he can take credit for the elections going on in Iran? Just wait until Ahmadinejad declares himself winner of the election and jails his opponent. Will Obama be willing to take credit for that?

Why do I have so many questions? Is there anyone that can put forward some solutions? I don't consider anything that Obama proposes to be a solution. There is an opportunity in 2010 to end this madness. And it MUST end!!

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  1. I agree that Letterman is terrible, but SP could probably have gained more by not continuing to talk about it. We know how the media plays that anyway -- and so does she. I don't watch that trash anyway and have no plans to start now.

    As for government-run healthcare, I can only pray that some in Congress have some common sense. And I pray that we'll be able to make a difference in 2010 -- if we are still allowed to have elections by then. :/