Saturday, June 6, 2009

How Hopeless Are We?

As I ponder the 65th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, I am worried about something. When I told my teenage daughter that she should switch from watching "Bridezilla" to a program covering the memorial events at Normandy, she asked me what THAT was all about.

The Left has done an excellent job of dumbing down our educational system. How could anyone age 16 NOT know about the events surrounding the invasion of Europe and the liberation of an entire continent from tyranny? Why are the events of June 6th not celebrated in the classrooms to ensure that all students understand what transpired on this date?

We are fast-becoming a nation of "here and now". History teaches us so many important things and for some of us, "history" took place in our own lifetimes. I find it hard to believe that Reagan's speech at Normandy took place 25 years ago! To me, it seems like yesterday. To the surviving participants in that historical event, I'm sure it seems like yesterday. Yet our children are taught about it as a footnote to events of WWII as if it were similar to Civil War studies.....ancient history.

We need to take our educational system back from the liberal elites that pollute our childrens' heads with "relativism". If we don't, we will be handing our country off to a generation of historical idiots. We cannot fear the taunts of liberals as they try to tar and feather us with labels of "racism" or countless other derisive terms. We must not stand hopeless in the face of the tyranny of statism. If we do, we will be damned forever and should be.

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