Thursday, June 25, 2009

Of Song and Stature

Michael Jackson's passing evokes a lot of emotions, including disbelief, sadness and the emotions associated with all those old memories. Oh, those old memories. Whether or not you liked Michael Jackson the person, you can't help but remember his music and the enormous talent that he brought to bear from a very young age.

When I was in high school, the Jackson Five were cranking out countless hit songs, all anchored by the talent that was Michael Jackson. There have been numerous times, when, upon hearing an old song, I am immediately overwhelmed with a memory that takes me back those many years to the time when that song was airing on the radio.

I watched Michael Jackson grow up and evolve into a musical force that we may not see again for an awful long time. Although his current influence had been waning for a number of years, his past influence is still felt. I put his talent and musical influence on par with the great ones and I'm sure the comparisons will begin immediately.

Although his evolving countenance brought much criticism, his talent transcended the ridicule. After all, don't we kind of expect a little bit of eccentricity from those who bring us so much musical genius?

I was looking forward to the aspect of Michael Jackson returning to tour and sing. Not so much for any original content, but just to know that his talent still lived and breathed. He is now one for the ages and I look forward to all the positive tributes to this talent. We have all been treated to his stature.

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