Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend Wish List

First and foremost, please, please, please do not let Barack Obama go overseas anymore. He is an embarrassing presence on the world stage and I am sick and tired of his ongoing "Apology Tour". Nor do I think he needs to suck up to the Saudi and Egyptian regimes and Muslims in general. Truly disgusting! He says his job is to dissuade people from making negative remarks about Islam....not! His job is to serve and protect the people of the United States. What the f*** is going on?

The July 4th Tea Parties are just around the corner. I plan on attending the event at Southfork Ranch in Plano, TX. It was the site of external shots for the "Dallas" TV series. Michelle Malkin is a scheduled speaker along with several others. Very exciting! There will be a fireworks display when it gets dark and I'll be attending with several other people. I'll post videos after the event.

There needs to be a prominent website committed to educating the voting public about who the conservative candidates will be coming into the 2010 elections. Lord knows that we won't be able to get that information from the mainstream media or the Republican Party. Maybe that's something I will do.....hmmmm, we'll see.

I hope the general public continues to awaken to the Obama administration's radical agenda. Rasmussen's current poll shows that the tide is turning.

A heartfelt note of sympathy to the family of Koko Taylor, blues singer extraordinaire, who passed away on Wednesday, June 3rd, in Chicago. I never saw Koko perform in person, but I truly have enjoyed her performances via CD and Jazz/Blues radio. Another icon has passed over to the other side. We all look forward to gathering together once OUR time has come. A special acknowledgement goes to cooltommyd, an old friend from Fort Wayne, who knew Koko on a personal basis and informed me of her passing.

When is Barack Obama going to apologize to the men and women of the Armed Forces for the crimes committed by Muslim extremists? I hate to end on this note, but Barack Obama makes me sick to my stomach for all his misplaced apologies!

On a lighter note, does anyone know how to keep mosquitos from biting you when you're blogging from your back patio? I have a wealth of "Off", but sometimes they seem immune.

Don't you love summer? I know I do!


  1. Haven't seen this much baseless attack on a President since Father Coughlin & Westbrook Pegler went after Franklin Roosevelt. You & HoopleLimbaugh, SnakeOilHannity, TripleChinO'Reilly, Mad Dog Levin, & Mashuga Savage are tone deaf to history. And you're banal. There's hasn't been an original thought in the extreme right since Obama came on the scene He's a terrorist, a muslim, a phony, a con artist, arrogant, fraudulent, a communist, a socialist, a dangerous dictator, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Mashuga Savage called him a dangerous dictator the other day: again reminiscent of Westbrook Pegler who asked that Roosevelt be assassinated...


  2. I'm going to leave Mr. Milton's comments up as a reminder to me of what we're facing on the road ahead. I'm honored, however, to be included in the company of such talk titans as Rush, Sean and Mark. I enjoy listening to all three whenever I can.

  3. Evidence the Left can dish it out but they can't take it. Have you read my post "I could be wrong" on my blog? This is what I was talking about.
    Baseless? I think not, there are very good reasons to distrust this President.
    For the mosquito's try OFF - Deep Woods Sportsman, or anything with at least 90% DEET. Works for me!