Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Soldier On!

There are times when I get discouraged and think that events in the present political environment are too overwhelming to counter. I am always looking for ways to gain enthusiasm and to inspire a thought for a new blog post that I can share.

I recently started watching the John Adams series that was carried on HBO several months ago. It is a fascinating study of the progression of John Adams' commitment to the cause of freedom. He and the other Framers withstood unbelievable odds in the face of a mightier foe, the British Crown. Despite the fact that they knew they would be "marked men", they soldiered on in their commitment to create a better life for their fellow countrymen.

We are now faced with a similar challenge: Standing up against a growing and oppressive government that is attempting to undo everything that the Framers stood for. I must ask this of MY countrymen: Are you willing to meet the challenge? Are you willing to stand up and be counted, knowing that you may be a target of the Left? Are you willing to put your principles before your security to see to it that your sons and daughters are not banished to an existence of government-mandated dependency? Are you willing to sacrifice your comfortable existence to champion a higher cause?

John Adams left his comfortable law practice to stand for something that we now take for granted. The Framers signed the Declaration of Independence KNOWING that they were signing their death warrants. In terms of size, what they stood up against pales in comparison to what we are facing today. It will take no less measure of courage to withstand the onslaught of the mainstream media, statist lackies and the left-wing nutroots to make our case to the American population. Just like John Adams and the Framers had to do in 1776.

I truly believe that there will be an awakening in this calling. And I believe that the majority of the American population will concur: We MUST soldier on! Let's all make a case for what John Adams and the Framers believed in. Let's take OUR country back!

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