Sunday, June 28, 2009

Defund the EPA!

Here's an idea, let's defund the EPA; cap the employment in the State Department to, say, twice the number of embassies; remove the Secretary of Education; remove the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; reign in the Secretary of Commerce (too many ridiculous surveys); remove the Secretary of Energy; and severely restrict the Secretary of Health and Human Services. After all, aren't all those positions part of the Executive Branch, subject to the whims of the President? The next President can do all these things!

The reason I bring this up is due to a story I read today. The EPA quashed information that was counter to its argument for the proposed endangerment finding regarding carbon dioxide. The EPA is supposed to be a non-partisan organization that looks at all side of arguments in deciding what is the best course of action. I has now failed in its charter. As a result, we have Cap and Trade legislation passing through Congress.

I could add other Cabinet positions that I would like to see abolished (Education, to name one), but let's just focus on the Department of Energy. Screw them!

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