Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marandizing Enemy Combatants!?

I heard about this briefly last night, but the storms in North Texas prevented me from doing any research online. Fox News has picked up the story (read it here) and I suspect that Rush will have something to say about it on his show today. (Update: you can also read about it here and here)

When asked about it, Robert Gibbs basically said it wouldn't surprise him if it were true.

What in the name of God is going on here? Are we conferring Constitutional rights on enemy combatants in the middle of a war? Does this not fly in the face of this country's values? Barack Obama is quickly destroying EVERYTHING that this country was built on.

Where is the leadership in the GOP? Why is this not headline news everywhere?

This is an absolute outrage!

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  1. This is outrageous!!! The GOP needs to have this on every newspaper througout the country to inform citizens how Obama is destroying America. He is giving out rights to our enemy.This is our enemy!!! These terrorists are not United States citizens.Is he aiding the enemy? Isn't that a form of treason? Our President clearly hates America which is made evident by his speeches overseas. It seems like he cares more about Muslim terrorists than our brave troops fighting wars overseas. We need to fight this assault on our what the founders laid out in the Constitution. We must fight to stop these rights being given to enemy combatants as if they were U.S. citizens.