Friday, June 26, 2009

The Gang of Eight

Here are the Republican defectors that voted "Yea" on Cap and Trade:

Bono Mack, Mary (CA-45) 202-225-5330
Castle, Mike (DE) 202-225-4165
Kirk, Mark (IL-10) 202-225-4835
Lance, Leonard (NJ-7) 202-225-5361
LoBiondo, Frank (NJ-2) 202-225-6572
McHugh, John (NY-23) 202-225-4611
Reichert, Dave (WA-8) 202-225-7761
Smith, Chris (NJ-4) 202-225-3765

They MUST be replaced in 2010 with true CONSERVATIVES!!



  1. Don't believe this is not a tax on those making under $250,000. Everything this bill touches will go down the FOOD chain. Gas, electricity, food, products and services. Everything will go up, but it's not a tax on you.

  2. Not only is it a tax on everyone, it is also a way for government to compel erstwhile free citizens to obey government dictates.