Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Plot Thickens on Healthcare

John Boehner posted an entry to his website yesterday, "White House Admits Americans Will Be Forced Out of Their Current Health Care Plans". In Barack Obama's words, this is "troubling". The Associated Press said "White House Officials Suggest the President's Rhetoric Shouldn't be Taken Literally". Huh?

If we can't take the President's own words, what the heck can we take? I certainly don't trust Robert Gibbs to tell us anything worthwhile. And I guarantee you that ABC is not going to offer anything during their Wednesday fiasco to suggest that they aren't just a shill for the White House.

The bottom line is this, President Obama's vision of nationalizing healthcare must be defeated. If ever there was a rallying cry for the July 4th Tea Parties, this is it. Forget about anything else and focus on this one thing. We have to send a specific message to Washington that we are not willing to see our healthcare administered by the Federal government. In fact, we need to demand that the private sector be given greater latitude to correct the problems. In other words, let capitalism work!

Capitalism has made this country the greatest economic force in the history of the world. Why the hell does the Obama administration want to turn its back on that? I suspect it's because they like the power that centralized planning gives them versus the relative anonymity of the free market.

Update: You can read the House GOP Solutions Group's outline on it's proposal for healthcare reform HERE.


  1. Great article!! That's right, we must stop the White House's health care plan from passing in Congress. We must stop this assault on capitalism. Tea parties are a great idea for a venue to get out the message to stop Obama's health care plan. And, hopefully the GOP will come up with an alternative health care plan soon.

  2. Yes, we absolutely and categorically must defeat Obamas Health Care Plan. It will be a nationalized health care, REGARDLESS of what obama espouses. WE know he doesnt tell the truth. This will drive private insurers out of business and then we will have no choice, unless we pay out of pocket or go overseas. The good physicians will get out of the business, which will not bode will for the majority of AGING politicians!