Friday, April 8, 2011

A Government of the People

With the looming government shutdown, perhaps we need to remember what is really at stake. Our Nation is not one that has now or ever will be duplicated in the still-unwritten history of mankind. We are truly exceptional.

This country is teetering right now and there is only one way to stabilize it. We must return to our founding principles and reaffirm the understanding that our Founders had a vision that transcends our lifetime. It has already transcended those of Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Lincoln. And yet it still endures.

We cannot let this country change from what we were and what we were always intended to be. We must now master our destiny and return to our founding principles.

This video is a reading of the Gettysburg Address by Johnny Cash. It is stirring, relevant and timely. It's text is every bit as important now as when it was written.

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