Friday, October 23, 2009

What Comes Next?

In my wildest imagination, I see a change in momentum. I suddenly witness the act of certain, principled people supporting conservatism. Look particularly at the special Congressional race in NY-23, where an independent candidate has labeled himself "conservative" and garnered the support of Sarah Palin, Dick Armey and Rick Santorum, true conservatives all. Moreover, Hoffman has he support of the Tea Party movement. He is approaching the finish line of a November 3rd election and he has suddenly been infused with major campaign cash. What to do?

I'd like to see him hammer his Republican and Democratic opposition to the maximum degree! Stand on conservative principles and watch the electorate line up to support you. Although the mainstream media would have you think that this is a minor election, it is HUGE! If Doug Hoffman can pull off the unthinkable and win this election, what does it say in the aftermath?

It says that the organized efforts to demonize Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Rick Santorum and the Tea Party movement have been lost on the electorate. Given a conservative candidate in their midst, the voters in the 23rd district of New York will stand with a candidate that supports their conservative values!

This will give immediate credibility to those people that supported Hoffman. Demonize them as they will, the mainstream media will not be able to ignore the fact that Palin, Armey, Santorum and Tea Party protesters were on the winning side. Ah, but this is just my wildest imagination, right?

We now stand on the cusp of certain events never before entertained during the existence of our country. We stand in stunned amazement at the notion that our government has nationalized the automobile and banking industries to the extent that they are dictating salary levels. This country (our country) is poised to take a dramatic tack to the left that cannot be undone. We stand on the verge of installing a socialist government that mandates heath care options and will render our way of life and its history a faint memory. Unless these efforts are halted, the US Constitution will be a remnant of the distant past, a footnote remark as a failed document and ideology. Unless....

What happens if an upstart, conservative candidate in the 23rd district of New York wins his election and is installed as a member of the U.S. Congress?

What happens when FoxNews calls the election for that conservative candidate in advance of all the other, so-called "legitimate news organizations"?

How will the Obama administration spin the event? "It's not something we're losing sleep over".

Pray tell, what comes next?

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  1. Majorly inspirational man. That would be some kind of awesome if Mr. Hoffman can pull this off.