Saturday, August 22, 2009


Somehow, your work in Alaska got noticed.

Somehow, the McCain camp had an epiphany and chose you. Yes, you.

Somehow, your voice became nationalized. Yes, you!

I believe that John McCain is an American patriot. His time in captivity speaks volumes about his love for country.

I admire his eagerness to run for President. Yes, we understand his commitment, and, yes, we cherish it. We recognize his ability to stand tall and represent us.

However, he did something out of the main stream.

He selected YOU as his running mate. OMG, what was he thinking?


I believe that he was thinking with his heart.

I believe that he saw something in you that he could not pass by.

I believe that you were what he was looking for...not a running mate, but a leader.


You have a curious obligation. We also see what John McCain saw and we see that leader. And we also see someone who can stand up for everything that WE believe in.


We recognize that we have not been vigilant. We have squandered our ability to be heard, because we bought into the thought that "tomorrow never comes". We vainly thought that today was all we needed. We turned away from God.


We do not deserve your sacrifice, but we yearn for it. We cannot find it within ourselves to take on the beast, so we defer to you.


I pray that we will find other Sarah Palins to fight for us. We need champions because we have lost our way. We need Alaska to show us the way!

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