Saturday, August 22, 2009

The New Bully Pulpit?

Facebook has an innocuous feature with allows you to post "Notes". This is Facebook's way of allowing you to post something lengthier than a few sentences. Most users of Facebook stay within the norm and just update their "Status" to communicate to others.

I find it interesting that Sarah Palin has chosen the Facebook platform to communicate her ideas and positions. Not a blog, not Twitter, not a news conference, but Facebook! I think that a combination of its novelty and her appeal to both those that agree and disagree with her have given her a very unique megaphone. Her spot-on comments have driven the discussion in the media. It should no longer come as a surprise that a Facebook posting on Friday will become the major topic of discussion the following week.

I'll guess that Obama thought HE had the bully pulpit. Too bad he's squandered its relevance with his partisan caterwauling. Do you think that next week he'll be defending his opposition to tort reform? You betcha!

It must be painful for him.

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