Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama's High Water Mark

During the Civil War, it was claimed that the North's victory over the South at the Battle of Gettysburg demonstrated that the Confederate Army had reached its "high water mark" in the war and that its capabilities were now in decline.

Rasmussen's latest polling seems to suggest that Obama's high water mark was at or near July 3rd. Is it a coincidence that the date also corresponds to Sarah Palin's announcement that she was resigning her governor's post to pursue another calling? Is it also a coincidence that the decisive Battle of Gettysburg took place on July 3rd, one hundred and forty-six years ago?

To paraphrase Jim DeMint, has Obama met his Waterloo? And is it Sarah Palin?

I'm not the only one that sees the significance of July 3rd. Read this.


  1. It's not just Sarah Palin; it's thousands of concerned knowledgable citizens expressing their constitutional right of free speech & saying no to govt run health care!

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