Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sarah Bashing: A Cottage Industry?

I don't think that my lifetime has witnessed a greater assault on a good, American citizen as has been the case with Sarah Palin. The Left has taken their investment in "Bush Derangement Syndrome" and reinvested it in "Palin Derangement Syndrome". It is stunning to watch.

Do a Google search on "hate sarah palin" (without the quotes) and you will turn up over 4 million entries. Obviously, the Left is basking in their hatred. They feel totally justified in their derangement.

PJTV is doing a series of videos on why people hate Sarah Palin. You can see the first in the series here and the second here.

Besides the above series of videos, check out Bill Whittle's commentary on PJTV. He eviscerates the Left's hatred in a way that, well, will make Palin supporters very proud.

Finally, type in "love sarah palin" (again, without the quotes). You'll turn up over 15 million entries. Obviously, there are far more people that care about Sarah Palin than hate her. So why do we only hear about the "hate"? I think the mainstream media is (once again) showing its bias.

More importantly, the Left just doesn't understand the free market. Why build a cottage industry of hate around 4 million, when you can hit the mother-lode by catering to the 15 million who love her?

Why do you think that the New York Times is losing money and scrampling to find readership, while the Fox News Channel is kicking butt?

The latest rumor has Sarah Palin getting a divorce. Stacy McCain has the inside scoop on debunking this ridiculous claim and outs the Palin-hater that started it. It's way past time to start going on the offensive to give these people their just rewards!

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