Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grandma Got Run Over by Obama

It's pretty chilling when the President of the United States suggests that health care dollars may have been wasted on his Grandmother. She had hip replacement surgery after being diagnosed with cancer and succumbed to that cancer a number of weeks later. It begs this question: Why would doctors suggest and carry out hip replacement surgery after the cancer diagnosis if they didn't think it would help? Hip replacement surgery requires extensive rehabilitation that can typically take six to eight weeks to complete, longer for elderly people.

Here is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about the reasons to consider hip replacement surgery.

Why it's done
By Mayo Clinic staff

The goal of hip replacement surgery is to relieve pain and increase the mobility and function of a damaged hip joint. If a stiff, painful hip joint has forced you to cut back on everyday activities, successful surgery may allow you to resume them.

Before thinking about surgery, though, your doctor may recommend other treatments, such as pain medications, physical therapy, exercise, and using a cane or walker. If these treatments are not enough, hip replacement may be the right option for you.

Conditions that can damage the hip joint, sometimes necessitating hip replacement surgery, include:

* Osteoarthritis
* Rheumatoid arthritis
* Broken hip
* Bone tumor
* Osteonecrosis, which occurs when there is inadequate blood supply to the ball portion of the hip joint

Symptoms that might lead you to consider hip replacement include:

* Pain that keeps you awake at night
* Little or no relief from pain medications or walking aids
* Difficulty walking up or down stairs
* Trouble rising from a seated position
* Having to stop activities you enjoy, such as walking, because you're in too much pain

I suggest that the benefits and risks of this surgery were well-considered for Obama's Grandmother. It now appears, however, that Obama was willing to throw those considerations and his Grandmother under the bus to help sell his health care initiatives. This man will take advantage of anything to further his political career. Do you want him making decisions for YOUR Grandmother?

Perhaps Obama's "death panels" should include a representative of his Grandmother's physicians. They seemed to be opposed to limiting health care for "lost" causes.

Here's a parting thought. If the government limits health care to age-oriented issues (Alzheimers, Dimentia, etc.), do you think there will be any incentive to pursue cures for these ailments?

Update: At least the Senate doesn't want to sing the same tune. Do you think Sarah Palin had anything to do with this? Some seem to think so.

I tend to agree. But that's just me.


  1. Mr Pres Obama, you have stepped to a NEW LOW by conspiring to Exploit an 11 year youngster with a planted question to advance your political agenda.
    We didn't need the Boston Globe to expose it, we saw through you immediately.

    You have made every other politician now look GREAT. We Demand your resignation Immediately, for such demeaning tactics.
    Take your mobster politics back to Chicago.

  2. The Federal Reserve spending money irresponsibly similar to billions of single $5 Vegas betting tables, yet try to spin the "recession is bottomed out.."
    WHOA, you all are cooking the books just like your friends at GE did. Over 700,000 Americans have exhausted their benefits and no longer looking for work, which you are NOT counting! The national un-employment rate is about 9.8% not 9.4.

    The entire cabinet believes they own America when in fact you are our Servants, Not our Masters!
    Live and walk the truth and quit living in Denial!
    War with Fox News? Come on! Only truthful news these days. You better pay more attention to foreign threats you are Sworn to Serve and Protect us from, or have you forgotten already?

    You wanted your positions, yet if you can't take the TRUTHS & Critizisms like you gave the Bush Admin, get out of the kitchen.

  3. Just to make a quick point here to those who argue for ObamaCare. If you have not read the Healthcare bill, I have read the whole thing, you would not be for it. My parents fall into the end of life crap where anything done to save their lives will not be allowed due to their age. Instead they would be mandated to take end of life classes to help them “die with dignity” and they would be given medication to help ease their suffering and pain. In other words, ObamaCare would mandate that they SUFFER AND DIE! Not all meds, not any med, can totally ease pain and suffering. Meds only make it “easier” to tolerate pain and suffering.

    If this doesn’t totally PISS you off something is wrong. I am very angry over this bill. Besides being a firefighter, I also work in a hospital and have shown sections of the bill to doctors regarding end of life care and regarding the limits to how much money they can make. Those I showed this to are shocked and getting angry. They had no idea what is in this bill because they have relied on the Main Stream Media and Obama to “inform” them. READ THE BILL. It maybe over 1,000 pages, but it does not take a lawyer to see the language of the bill is bad for all of us.