Monday, August 10, 2009

Resistance Is NOT Futile!

This country is steeped in freedom unlike any nation in the history of the world. We love our form of government and trust that it will not do anything to tip the scales against that freedom. Historically, we have risen up to protest affronts to that freedom, and it is chronicled in our history. If that history was rigorously taught to our youth, I have no doubt that they would embrace our legacy and continue to carry the torch of freedom. Sadly, that has not been the case in the recent past, but I sense something changing.

The aging population of our country is starting to get upset. When I say aging, I'm referring to the baby boomers and earlier. Those born after WWII grew up with freedoms that those born before could only dream about in their youth. Perhaps those freedoms were a function of a smaller population, I don't know. At any rate, the baby boomers and their parents are now starting to notice a significant change in the direction of our country from what was fought for and and enjoyed during the span of their lives.

Protesting against the establishment was a status symbol in the 60's and 70's, but once the Vietnam War ended, much of the public discourse ended with it. After all, there were families to raise and wealth to pursue. The baby boomers became part of the mainstream. A small percentage of them continued to rail against the government because that is what defined them. Some focused on the political arena and got involved. Most of those politically-oriented agitators gravitated to the Democratic Party, which was trying to rebuild their congressional coalition after devastating electoral defeats that ushered in Ronald Reagan.

After Reagan left office in 1988, these former agitators began to gain seniority in various government capacities. Although the Democratic Party had always enjoyed a strong presence in Congress, they had not been an extremely left-leaning party. The agitators changed that. After losing control of Congress due to Newt Gingrich's Contract With America, the Democratic leadership shifted farther left. Radical techniques to hold on to and enhance power became the sought-after skills and those that espoused those skills rose within the party leadership.

George Bush was not prepared to deal with this new brand of Democratic leaders. Steeped in the traditions of party etiquette, he resisted their assault on his agenda by trying to stay "above the fray". The Iraq War energized the left-wing of the Democratic Party, since it was reminiscent of their Vietnam War efforts. The anti-war movement had come full circle. No longer confined to the fringe, those anti-war organizers were now front and center in the halls of Congress.

Now emboldened by the results of the 2008 elections, the left-wing continues to pursue their far-left agenda: trying to remake the United States into a socialistic utopia. The anti-war movement was always influenced by leftist organizations. It is common knowledge that the Communist Party supported their efforts wholeheartedly. And now they are in control.

Unfortunately, all of a sudden, the left-wing agenda has hit a snag. Their brazen attempt to take over health care in this country has awaken a sleeping giant. For the first time in MY lifetime, ordinary citizens are standing up and protesting the left-wing's agenda. Not to be outdone, the leftists are deploying Soviet-style responses: demonizing health care companies, establishing hot-lines to snitch on opposition, and smearing citizens who are speaking up in anger against their agenda.

What is to come of all this? It really depends on who is right and who is wrong. On who is steeped in the traditions of this country and who is not. On who is willing to fight for our freedoms and who would hand those freedoms over to bureaucrats in Washington. I know I stand on the side of freedom. Where do you stand?

Our country has a history that teaches us that resistance is NOT futile. Care to sign up with your fellow patriots? You'll be in good company.

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