Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why not Sarah Palin?

When all has been written about the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election and all the pundits and prognosticators have "spun" their reasons for being wrong, we will still be left with the gargantuan task of reining in the Federal government. After all, that is the primary task ahead of us.

I will only predict one thing and that is the likelihood of a Republican winner. Barack Obama has done more to destroy our Constitutional Republic than any President in our history. When Obama is defeated, it will allow him to pursue his real goal of leading the United Nations. After his installation as Secretary-General, we can promptly curtail our funding of the United Nations. What a fitting tribute THAT would be!

Amongst the present slate of Republican candidates, who has shown the ability to take on special interests, like oil companies? Who has a proven ability to take on their own party to effect reform? Who has worked in an executive role to break long-existing roadblocks and effect positive change for their constituency? Who has enlisted the support of countless fiscal and social conservatives without once asking for that support? Who has the ability to stand up and state their convictions without fear? Who has a proven ability to "reach across the aisle" to craft bipartisan legislation?

If you can answer those questions honestly, you know who should be the next President of The United States.

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