Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thunder and lightning

As I sit here waiting for a storm to come in, I'm reminded of a metaphor. The same metaphor was applied to my son's football team and the duo that toiled at running back. They complimented one another and became a rallying cry for the rest of the team.

Thunder and lightning!

I'm reminded of this as we approach the 2012 elections. Who will be thunder and who will be lightning? Who will blast forward into the line and who will be the one to run around end, leaving the defense gasping in pursuit?

We have a field of Republican candidates who are wanting to take the ball and run with it. Do they have the ability to succeed? I'm waiting for a flash of lightning. I still haven't seen the thunder that rocks the offensive line.

The season is just starting and I'm waiting to see who the players will be in this first game of a lifetime. I'm holding my breath, because thunder and lightning are still standing on the sidelines.

This political year has just played a preseason game with the NH debate. Will thunder and lightning be called on for the remaining preseason, or will they be held back until the "real" season starts?

If I was the coach, I'd wait until September when the real season starts. Why tip your hand when the season is only just beginning and the pre-season players are just trying to make the team?

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