Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rush is on to something

For the last 5 days, Rush Limbaugh has dedicated a significant part of his show to Sarah Palin. Why do you think that is?

Rush is a smart man. He knows what his audience wants to hear. His audience is DYING to hear him pick a Republican candidate. He won't do it and he reiterates that on every show. He'll wait until the Republican nominee is named.

However. However.

Rush has dedicated the last week's worth of shows to Sarah Palin. Why?

I remember when Sarah was named as John McCain's running mate. Rush was ecstatic, and for good reason. Sarah Palin embodied the conservative cause on multiple levels. She elevated the McCain campaign to a point ahead of Barack Obama. It was only McCain's idiotic decision to suspend his campaign during the economic meltdown and return to Washington that torpedoed his campaign. Sarah was not to blame.

I think that Rush is on to something. He recognizes that Sarah Palin is the primary candidate for the Republican nomination and he doesn't pretend to hide that fact. He's not spending time talking about Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain or Mitt Romney. He knows what his audience wants to hear. And it's Sarah Palin, all the time.

Trust me, my friends, Rush Limbaugh knows.

And what he knows is going to play out over the next 12 months. And he is setting up everyone for a "See, I told you so!"

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