Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I helped Rush with his show today

Rush began his show with a lengthy discussion about his relationship with Margaret Thatcher. He was addressing the issue put forth in the UK Guardian that an aid ally to Thatcher had referred to Sarah Palin as being "nuts" and suggested that Thatcher had no interest in meeting with Sarah. Rush disputed any notion of Thatcher ever using such a word to describe ANYONE, much less Sarah Palin. Furthermore, Rush suggested that Margaret Thatcher would never authorize anyone else to use such a word either.

During the ensuing break, I sent Rush an email reminding him of a Politico piece from last year that reported the fact that Thatcher had invited Sarah Palin to meet with her whenever she happened to be in London.

As I just happened to be watching Rush's show via his "ditto-cam", I was stunned when he came back on the air after the break and said this:

Audio clip from Rush Limbaugh Show (You'll be prompted to open the file or save it. Just choose open or play.)

Glad to be of service Rush!

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