Saturday, June 11, 2011

What hangs in the balance?

A simple statement. A major issue. What hangs in the balance for the 2012 election?

Our freedom, our way of life? What hangs in the balance?

Do we succumb to the elitists or do we forge ahead with our Constitution, all naysayers be damned?

Do we respect individual enterprise, or do we relent to the collective?

Do we cast aside the freedom to choose, or do we rise to the occasion as individuals? And in doing so, do we take others with us? Are leaders important to our progress, or can we do it on our own?

Are we ready to take responsibility for our own success? Or do we relegate our future to a bureaucrat in our town, state or nation?

Shall we continue down the path of Europe, or do we claim to be exceptional and forge our own way?

What would our Founders say? What would they think about the issues of today?

What would you like to see in your day to day? What would you vote for to maintain it that way?

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