Thursday, September 23, 2010

Larry King interviews Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is promoting his new book, "White House Diary", and appeared on Larry King's show a few nights ago. The transcript of the interview was posted on RealClearPolitics here.

I scanned the transcript of the interview and was underwhelmed. What struck me was the very last thing that Larry King said:
KING: President Jimmy Carter. The book "White House Diary." This is going to be a major best seller.
This book has no chance in hell of being a best seller. Jimmy Carter is not relevant to the current political landscape, although he did have some good things to say about Sarah Palin:
CARTER: I think she's a vivid political person that has made a major impact on the consciousness of the America, both whether you like her or don't like her. I think she's extremely eloquent. She knows how to appeal to whatever audience is in front of her. And she has tremendous influence, as she demonstrated for instance just recently in Delaware, where she went in and endorsed an unknown woman who then prevailed in the Republican primary.
He went on to blather about the fact that he didn't think she could be elected President of United States.

We can only hope that he makes enough money to cover the publisher's expenses.

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