Thursday, September 23, 2010

California Nutcakes

California voters have a major job ahead of them this year. Rasmussen has a poll out that shows Barbara Boxer with a 47-43 lead over Carly Fiorina. What's really interesting are the percentage of supporters that plan to vote for their candidate. 82% of Boxer supporters say they already know how they will vote in November, compared to 79% of Fiorina supporters.

What that tells me is that there is only a 3% difference in supporters of either candidate who know how they will vote in November. The remainder of supporters that haven't made up their minds is well beyond the margin of error and that's not even counting independents who are still on the fence.

I predict that the California Senate race will end up with Fiorina getting 54% of the vote and Boxer 43%. The difference will be all those nutcakes that vote for Jerry Brown, thinking he's running for the Senate.

When Fiorina is sworn in as Senator, Boxer's supporters will only be able to mutter "bummer, dude!"

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