Saturday, November 28, 2009

Global Warming Science = Demise of Mainstream Media

This is one of the most unreported scandals in the history of modern-day journalism. If ever there was a defining moment to signal the total demise of the mainstream media, this is it.

From the Wall Street Journal:
'Cap and Trade Is Dead'
The recently disclosed emails and documents from University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit compromise the integrity of the United Nations' global warming reports.
Although I don't believe for a minute that the fraud that is global warming will go away, I do believe that the mainstream media is gasping its last breath. The fact that the "hackers" chose to go directly to the internet with their findings is proof that the mainstream media is no longer needed to break a big story.

The only thing left for the "lamestream" media to do is to cover their tracks. It seems that the NY Times is the front-runner in that regard.

The White House is in lock-step with the mainstream media. Will it go down with the sinking ship that is the mainstream media? What about when they have a chance to report something and don't?

The has a good update here. Looks like Lord Monckton was right!

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