Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Neda: Casualty to Icon

Update8: Iranian student protester Neda Soltan is Times Person of the Year

Update7: Neda's mother: "I asked her not to go".

Update6: From the Guardian UK website "How Neda Soltani became the face of Iran's struggle"

Update5: Iranians in Dubai hold vigil for Neda.

Update4: Additional information on Neda, courtesy of CNN.

Update3: Apparently the family of Neda is now being persecuted by the Iranian government. Read the story HERE.

Update2: John McCain pays tribute to Neda on the Senate Floor

Update 1: For an update from the LA Times, dated 6-22-09, go HERE.

Neda has become a rallying cry in the Iranian protests and being portrayed as a true martyr.

The video is very graphic, so be forewarned. It provides a gut-wrenching story unlike any printed word.

She surely meant the world to her family. Here she is with an unidentified gentleman, moments before being shot. Is that person her father or a college professor, as some now claim? I suspect a college professor is most likely, given her newly-reported age of 26. Previous reports of Neda being only 16 lent some credence to the gentleman being her father, which now seems doubtful.

Wikipedia continues to update information about Neda. Go HERE.

To all the protesters in Iran, know that the patriots of the United States stand with you!

The grave of Neda

God rest her soul!



  1. How could THAT be staged? My gawd... The tables need to turn on that govt. and fast!