Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Midnight at the Oasis

One of the great things about this time of year is that Congress is not in session. Christmas Day has come and gone and we're enjoying the last few days of the holiday season. Come Monday, January 4th, most kids will be back in school and we adults will have to focus on work until the next break, usually Spring Break.

While the untamed masses are hunkering down for the reality of the new year, what will Congress be doing?

Reconciliation of the Senate and House healthcare bills? (Obama has to sign something!)

Cap and Trade legislation? (Heaven forbid!)

Amnesty for illegal immigrants? (Aka: Get Out the Vote Act of 2010)

Whatever it might be, I doubt that I will be pleased. Sarah Palin put it best in a Facebook post on December 22nd, "Midnight Votes, Backroom Deals, and a Death Panel"

We seem to see a pattern emerging with the 111th Congressional session thus far. Consider the beginning of the legislative calendar for 2010:

January 6th - Congress convenes
January ?? - State of the Union Address
February 2nd - Presidential Budget released (brace yourself!)
February 16th - Presidents' Day

What havoc can this Congress (and President) wreak in this little window of the new year? It's hard to tell, but however it goes, I suspect we'll be seeing more midnights at the oasis (Aka: the governmental trough).

For those of you who don't remember "Midnight at the Oasis", enjoy:

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