Saturday, November 14, 2009

Texas High School Football

I have always been a huge football fan. But I never realized how HUGE football is in Texas until I started attending varsity high school games this year. Oh sure, you HEAR about how big football is in Texas, but you don't KNOW how big it is until you start attending high school games.

My son is a junior, playing inside linebacker and deep-snapper on punts for his high school team. He had the misfortune of injuring his knee four weeks ago (playing 3-on-3 flag football, no less). That injury required surgery, which he had three weeks ago. Today was the first day he was able to suit up with his team since his injury. He hasn't been cleared to play linebacker yet, but was cleared to play his part as deep-snapper. The good news is that today was their first game in the play-offs.

Normally, play-offs take place at the largest high school football stadium in the area. Not in Texas. My son had his first football play-off game at the new Cowboy Stadium in Arlington. Talk about awesome! I never would have gone to a game at that venue due to the expense. Normally, on NFL days, it costs $60 bucks to PARK at the stadium. Today, it cost $10. Normally, a ticket on the 40-yard line in the 5th row would cost upwards of $500 for an NFL game. Today, it cost $12 on a first come, first seated basis. My son texted me as his team arrived at the stadium, "Just got to jerry world!". A bit later, in his words, "Were underground goin to the locker rooms...its intense!"

The massive video screen was in use, as well as the hundreds of video screens throughout the stadium. It was truly a memorable experience. Oh, by the way, my son's team won 48-18. That's the good news. The bad news is that next week they play the number 1-rated team in the state of Texas. Although my son didn't get to play today (his team never punted), he may have a better chance next week. But both he and I wouldn't mind if his services were not required, if you know what I mean.

Football is HUGE in Texas and being able to play in the best-possible venue for football ANYWHERE makes it that much more significant. The kids all played their hearts out. I was thrilled to be there to experience Texas football at its finest!

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