Thursday, November 5, 2009

Political Correctness Run Amok

We have all learned to think twice before speaking something that may offend a listener. In certain social circles, we refrain from speaking our opinions for fear of being cast out. We learn to toe the line in uttering a single word that would offend some far-off "constituency". We do this because we have had the concept of "political correctness" pounded into our heads by the sophistry of our elected "elites".

Political correctness has become the biggest affront to our liberty since we defeated the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War. In a world without competing, global, political ideologies, "political correctness" became the way to diminish our political standing. By painting our very words as racist, intolerant, divisive, homophobic, close-minded, etc., etc., etc., the left has neutered our ability to stand up for anything we believe in.

A good example is the recent kerfluffle over Rush Limbaugh's attempt to buy a minority interest in an NFL team. Roger Goddell, the commissioner of the NFL, and Jimmy Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, derided Limbaugh as "divisive" and therefore unworthy of an ownership position in the NFL. Rush Limbaugh was not "politically correct" and was eliminated from the investor group he was a part of.

Who defines "Political Correctness"? In a word, politicians. Politicians are always looking for ways to boost their standing with a certain "constituency". Rush Limbaugh was tarred and feathered for politically incorrect quotes...that he never made!

The end-game of liberal politicians is to completely neutralize their opponents' ability to speak against anything for fear of being "politically incorrect". This tactic MUST FAIL! It is time for everyone to stand up and speak out for what they believe in. If I can be so bold, I'll quote what Superman stood for in the 60's TV series: Truth, Justice and the American Way.

A further example of political correctness run amok is the failure of reporting on the Fort Hood shootings. Instead of examining the possibility of radical, Muslim extremism playing a role in the shooter's motivation, a white-washing has occurred. Everything BUT religious extremism is being used to to explain the shooter's actions.

We run the real risk of sugar-coating our enemies' motivations to the extent that we open ourselves up to further attacks from within. If we can't spot the enemy in our midst, then the enemy will learn to exploit that weakness.

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