Sunday, November 15, 2009

Washington Rolls Over

In another example of Obama's disdain for the Founding Fathers and American exceptionalism, comes this:

For all that we fought for in all the wars past, one idea was center stage : the United States of American does not bow to anyone. Our entire founding was based on the concept that all men are created equal. No deity, emperor or dictator could ever be elevated to a level that required a genuflective behavior on the part of the citizens of the United States. Even though that conduct is anathema to our founding principles, look at where we are now. President Obama has made it commonplace to demonstrate supplication to anyone with a man-given title of prominence.

This behavior is an absolute outrage.

As a counter-example, I have not found a single picture of Barack Obama demonstrating the same behavior when meeting with the Pope. In addition, Obama refuses to meet with the Dalai Lama, a peaceful religious leader and long-time friend of the United States.

The question is: Why?

Why does the President of the United States of America insist on degrading the principles of our founding and elevating the standing of despots and socialists? Why does Obama abandon our commitment to allies and kowtow to long-time adversaries on the world stage? Why does Obama see fit to unravel all that we've gained in the 233 years since our founding? Perhaps he just doesn't think as you and I. Perhaps he doesn't think FOR you and I.

Who the hell DOES this guy thinks he works for? He sure doesn't work for anyone that George Washington would recognize. I understand that Washington's grave has developed an odd hump in the last 12 months or so. Must be the result of him rolling over in his grave....over and over and over!