Friday, November 20, 2009

Education for Dummies

I saw this today on Rush Limbaugh's website and have to share it:
10-Year-Old Sent to Principal for Writing in Rush for President

Caller: I love your show and I love you and I just wanted to share, quickly, a story with you about my ten-year-old son. During the election, they were given a sheet of paper, and they had on there, you know, to vote for Obama, McCain, or "other." And I found out "other" meant, like, Ron Paul or somebody else. Well, Chance put "other,' and he put "Rush 'Baugh'" because he didn't know your whole last name. So I got a call from the principal to come down there, and they got him in the principal's office, and they asked him to read to me what he had wrote down. Well, I knew who he was talking about, and I said, "He's talking about Rush Limbaugh," and they said, "No, we know that. That's not appropriate for him to be talking about him in class. You shouldn't be throwing your views on him." And Chance said, "She's not. All I know is that she says that Rush is smarter than my daddy." (laughing) So he thought you should have been president.

RUSH: Yeah. And the school people were alarmed by this to the point they called you in. Did you actually say that they told you that you shouldn't be throwing my views onto your son?

CALLER: Yeah, that I should not be getting a ten-year-old involved in adult stuff; and so I said, "Well, then why are you doing the election?" Because the school overwhelming voted Obama.

RUSH: What did they say? Yeah. What did they say to that?

CALLER: They just told me that wasn't appropriate for a ten-year-old, and I was like, "Well, you know, I didn't know that you all are having an election." I didn't know they were having it. Chance didn't even know they were having it. But apparently in class they were asking the kids how they voted, and everybody voted Obama, and when Chance said "other," and said "Rush," the teacher stopped him and then sent him to the office, and then that's where they called me. And they thought --

RUSH: How did this end up?

CALLER: Oh, it ended up with me telling her to mind her own, you know, business. And they obviously know where I stand, 'cause I've got a car with bumper stickers, you know? That's how I let it known that who I am.

RUSH: Goodness gracious.

I'd link to the whole thing, but you have to be a member of Rush 24/7.

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