Thursday, September 17, 2009

WAPO Spins the Sting

Just about when I thought that the Washington Post had given up as the last bastion of subjective reporting, I find this.

Who in their right mind would ever brag about killing their spouse as a response to anything that a client/customer brought up? I don't care how outrageous the request! If, if fact, Tresa Kaelke was just playing around, why would a 61 year-old woman entertain a couple of "well-spoken youngsters" in a bid to play into their "game"?

This organization (ACORN) is supposed to be helping the poor, the indigent, the people that can't make ends meet. Instead, they are playing footsie with hookers, pimps and malcontents at taxpayer's expense, because, well, they can!

This organization is a travesty. It needs to be investigated under RICO laws! If this doesn't happen, there will be hell to pay. And I hope that the White House is not a party to a "parlay" in defense of its existence!

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