Friday, September 25, 2009

Boudica (Sarah) Returns

I have always been intrigued by history. In studying history, we can learn an awful lot about who we are and what we can be. I was recently reminded of Boudica, the Celtic Warrier Queen who lived during the period of the Roman occupation of the Isle of Britain.

Boudica's husband controlled a wide swath of the county of Norfolk, then populated by people known as the Iceni. When Boudica's husband died, as a Roman sympathizer, he bequeathed his holdings to both the Roman empire and his family. The Romans ignored the king's wishes regarding his family and seized his entire estate. They raped his daughters and flogged his wife, Boudica.

In time, Boudica re-grouped and led a large uprising against the Roman occupiers, destroying and pillaging London in the process. Though ultimately defeated by a superior Roman military, Boudica is still revered in England, with prominent statues erected in her honor. My family, in fact, traces their lineage back to her, for her offspring lived on.

So, you say, what could this possibly have to do with Sarah Palin?

Sarah was selected as the heir imprimatur of the Republican ticket in 2008. Taking up this position as the second-in-command, she was the primary benefactor of McCain's run for President, the Boudica of her king's fortune. After having died (politically) in his run for President, Sarah was flogged (metaphorically) in the mainstream media and her daughters were raped in the left-wing blogoshere and nationally on the David Letterman show.

Sarah has now regained her strength and begun to reassert herself. She now has the opportunity to build an army to respond to her detractors and diminish those who seek to defeat her principles and ours.

One thing is different, however, that suggests an alternative fate than that suffered by Boudica. Sarah has access to the very best army imaginable: the army of conservative America. As opposed to Boudica's following, this army has NEVER faced an opponent it has not defeated. It is just waiting to be awakened and led.


  1. Great writing Ernie, and I totally agree.

  2. Yeah, but Boudica had red hair (or at least strawberry blonde).

  3. It is the "awakening" of that conservative America that I fear greatly. Our country was founded by the Pilgrims for "religious freedom", according to our elementary school history. Though if you go back and read earlier history, you will find that they actually were the persecutors of those who did not believe as they did in England, hence their departure. They quickly returned to their intolerance in the Americas, burning Quakers and other "non-believers" for witchcraft. Why would anyone wish to awaken the spawn of these people?

  4. I too am a lover of history and have admired and studied Boudica. I love Sarah Palin, comparing her to Boudica was brilliant!
    Bonnie Sizemore
    Stanton, Ky