Friday, September 18, 2009

Let's Can the Delta Smelt!

The Delta Smelt is a fish the size of a grown-up minnow.

It has been shoved front and center in the war between environmentalists and the human population. Water that was previously diverted to the San Joaquin valley in California has been curtailed to "protect" the Delta Smelt.

For some excellent history on the controversy, go here.

Sean Hannity previewed the issue on his show two nights ago:

He continued his coverage last night:

I think it's time to start canning the Delta Smelt. There could be a welcome market for it. I have no doubt that there are plenty of farmers in California that would love to feast on it!


  1. Man's inhumanity to man is so inconceivable. And all centered around the selfish interests of politicians. I watched Hannity's special about the situation in the SanJoaquin Valley. Somehow, our sense of values have gotten lost in the translation from human rights to power and corruption Excellent blog. Ernie. Thank you. Ginny Holmes (Happy Bear)

  2. We believe we have the solution to saving the minnows and returning the water to the farmers. It is an ultrasonic fish deterrent (aka underwater invisible fence.)

  3. The Delta smelt is a keystone species for the San Joaquin River Delta. Of key importance is the vital role that this fish plays in maintaining the population of larger fish that we consume, particularly salmon. With the decline of the smelt there has already been a notable collapse in California salmon populations. The extinction of the smelt would result in the loss of not only salamon, but largemouth bass, and trout...all which would permanently destroy the California fishery industry. This shows that it is not just a black and white decision.