Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sarah, Interrupted

Wow, what a difference a few weeks make! Obama takes the stage for his health care fiasco and all of a sudden, BAMMM! Sarah states her case. I guess I shouldn't have worried about her being out of touch....

Original posted on September 6, 2009:
For the last two weeks, I've been stymied in my attempts to find something original to blog about. Nothing has really captured my attention in a way that inspired me. I've been in a funk and I didn't know why. I think I finally have an answer.

I've been following Sarah Palin's Facebook feed and, despite some very brief comments to express condolences to the Kennedy family or to encourage people to watch Glenn Beck's expose of Obama's czars, I haven't seen any red meat. Not since her call for tort reform [before health care reform] has she put out anything substantive.

I was watching a video that was posted on Conservatives4Palin that highlighted Larry Kudlow's conversation with Jerry Bowyer, syndicated columnist, and Mark Walsh, former CEO of the failed Air America network. In the video, Larry Kudlow made an off-hand remark that Sarah Palin's book would be out soon. Mark Walsh blathered on about the lack of policy statements issued by Sarah Palin in a "snarky" attempt to discredit Sarah's credentials as a national leader.

After watching the video, I was struck by two things. First and foremost, it is pretty much accepted that Sarah Palin is hard at work on her forthcoming book. Being out of the national spotlight for the time being, she has been given the opportunity to devote her time to writing it. Second, she has begun to accept speaking engagements, the first of which will be on September 23rd in Hong Kong. What could that mean?

I suspect that Sarah is near to completing her book. Having been committed to doing that, and never having done something like that before, I believe it precluded her from accepting any future speaking engagements. Now that she has accepted that first speaking invitation, I think it signals that the main text of her book is finished. Having that task behind her, it will be much easier for her to schedule her future calendar. Any editing changes to the book can be done on the fly. It's the original content that requires focus.

Now that the book is [presumably] finished, what do you do? You promote your book! You promote it in your speeches, you promote it on your Facebook page, you promote it EVERYWHERE!

Your "policy" statements are in your book. During Q&A after a speech, if someone asks you about your policy on "X", you respond: "Read my book. I discuss that in Chapter [X]."

If someone asks you to comment on all the rumors about your [supposedly] pending divorce, you say: "I've already de-bunked that rumor. Read Chapter [XX] of my book."

I truly believe that Sarah Palin is on the cusp of her next major adventure.

She has only been momentarily interrupted.

BTW, if you think I'm blowing smoke, watch this video:

Hat Tip: Conservatives4Palin & Alex Vogel


  1. We are so blessed for having Sarah stand up for our liberty, and I have missed her Facebook Notes, too...I check daily. She and Rush and Glenn are a 3 strand cord not easily broken. May God bless us through them, and thanks for your post.:) Helen♥

  2. Good points. Her book will do a couple of things for her. It will generate needed income. It may also serve as the equivalent to a Doctoral thesis. If you are going to be President you need to know your stuff. You are right that it will also serve as a pretense for going on the talk circuit.

    Welcome to Bloggers4SarahPalin!

    I have a private Yahoo group for pro-Palin bloggers. It is for blogging strategies. Unfortunately, I'm the only one writing in it for now. It has 7 subscribers. If you are interested it is:

  3. Thank you for that video. Keep praying for our nation and that Sarah is willing to run.