Sunday, June 13, 2010

When Does It Stop?

Headline from the Washington Post:
Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid

President Obama urged reluctant lawmakers Saturday to quickly approve nearly $50 billion in emergency aid to state and local governments, saying the money is needed to avoid "massive layoffs of teachers, police and firefighters" and to support the still-fragile economic recovery.

In a letter to congressional leaders, Obama defended last year's huge economic stimulus package, saying it helped break the economy's free fall, but argued that more spending is urgent and unavoidable. "We must take these emergency measures," he wrote in an appeal aimed primarily at members of his own party.
I say "No Mas"! If state and local governments have to rely on federal bailouts, they will never make the tough choices back to solvency. Obama is an enabler of bad government management. He needs to be shown the door.

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