Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quid Pro Quo, NRA?

Per RedState, some disturbing news about 2nd amendment rights:
The organization recently collaborated with the left to obtain a carve out of the DISCLOSE Act, legislation designed to silence bloggers and outside interest groups like tea party activists. This was a first amendment issue and the NRA gladly took a position and campaigned for its members to take a position on the DISCLOSE Act.

One of the NRA’s chief arguments was that it needed the carve out to be effective in its advocacy of Second Amendment issues. But here’s the problem: these internal Senate emails confirmed by NRA Board Members show that the National Rifle Association’s management team has explicitly and directly told the NRA’s board they are prohibited from testifying about second amendment issues during the Elena Kagan confirmation hearings.
So, it appears that the NRA was willing to appeal to lawmakers to give it an exclusion from the DISCLOSE Act in exchange for remaining quiet during Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings.

If this is all true, what has come of the NRA?

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