Sunday, June 13, 2010

Small Business PAC

Here's an idea. SB-PAC - Small Business Political Action Committee.

Isn't it time to provide a voice for all those mom-and-pop businesses out there? After all, Main Street business provides the fuel to our free-market economy. In Washington, they seem to think that if you're not on Wall Street or sequestered in Silicon Valley, you can't possibly have an impact on our economy. I call BS on that.

Small business is the life-blood of our economy. Apple Computer started in Steve Jobs' garage. That was back in 1975. Gerald Ford was President and Jimmy Carter was about to become the buffoon of the 20th Century. Apple went public in 1980, after Ronald Reagan was elected President. They haven't looked back since and now stand as one of the most valuable companies in the U.S., by measure of market capitalization.

How does this happen? It's called the free-market. Nurture it, support it, invest in it! The only thing small business doesn't have is its own PAC. That needs to change.

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