Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 Reasons Why Sarah Palin Would Make a Good President

U.S. News and World Report just published a survey on the top ten reasons why Sarah Palin would make a good President. I have revised their top ten list to suit my fancy (my additions in bold italics):
1. Unbending Conservative
Palin is a long-time, unbending Reagan conservative who has committed to cutting taxes, eliminating some unnecessary regulations, and generally shrinking the intrusiveness of government.

2. Military Hawk
The mother of a soldier in Iraq, Palin is becoming a military hawk. She has repeatedly threatened Iran with sharp language, and Constitutionalists some think know threats work when backed up by military strength. And don't forget that she can shoot an elk at 400 yards, so she can back up those threats.

3. Oil Drilling Advocate
The former governor of Alaska is a strong advocate for an all-inclusive energy policy. She wants to produce more domestic energy and buy less overseas. Democrats see her as tough on that issue.

4. Respect of Governors
As governor, she had the respect of other governors and worked well with the state legislature. She will might bring a new type of leadership that ends the unproductive and bipartisan approach to governing from Washington.

5. Revive Saturday Night Live
Let's face it: Palin impersonators are funny becoming boring, and her presidency would certainly help revive throttle Saturday Night Live's ratings if Tina Fey returned to play Palin.

6. Friend of the Working Class
She identifies with working class Americans more than more wealthy, elitist candidates and presidents. It's not uncommon to see her enjoy working with assisting her husband on his fishing boat. Or Hunting and fishing for that matter are her passion.

7. Advocate for Disabled Children
Her last youngest child was born with Downs Syndrome and that has made her she is a passionate advocate for disabled children life, a job that presidents normally pass off to the first lady.

8. First Woman President
Just being the first woman president would likely bring massive changes to how the Oval Office is handled and how foreign leaders view the United States, especially in light of her ability to handle and use firearms.

9. Boost Conservative Media
As a foe of the liberal media, she might will boost conservative bloggers and center-right alternative media like Fox News to mainstream media levels eliminating any possibility of resurrecting some type of Fairness Doctrine.

10. Fashion Statement
She would likely spark a whole new fashion a renewed sense of quiet elegance in the nation, with without regard to it being Carhartt, and Cabela's, taking over from J. Crew and or Gap.

Needless to say, I don't subscribe to U.S. News and World Report. Does anyone?

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