Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend Wish List

As we approach the weekend, I am at a loss to figure out what to wish for. I've been working my ass off at my regular job and have not had the time to really dig into the news. I pick up tidbits here and there, however, and I hope it will suffice.

Why is the Obama-media obsessed with his "rock-star" status? Isn't being the leader of the free world enough? Why not just accept the fact that he is the President of the United States and commands the respect of the rest of the world as a result of his election? Do we have to debase the Office of the President with ridiculous platitudes about "stardom"? Come on, let's be adults here. It's not like he won American Idol!

Nancy Pelosi is in the process of imploding. How many lies will she tell to get herself off the hook about "knowing" that "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" were BEING USED!

No matter what anyone says, I think that former Vice President Dick Cheney is a true patriot. He is extremely straight-shooting (no pun intended) and honestly fears for the future of our country. God bless him!

There is talk that Martin Scorsese is going to make a film about Frank Sinatra. The rumor is that they are considering Johnny Depp for the role of Sinatra. Excuse me! There is only one person living today who deserves to be cast as Frank Sinatra. His name is Harry Connick, Jr. He brings Sinatra's oldies to life and has already established his acting credentials on numerous occasions.

It's a sad day in my Trek life. I've been looking forward to seeing the new Star Trek movie, but my 16-year-old son is lukewarm to the prospect. Moreover, my good friend Will told me that he wasn't too interested in teaming up with his son and accompanying us to the movie. He admitted he's not a big Star Trek fan. Am I that old? I always thought Star Trek was cutting-edge! I'll go see it alone if I have to.

A friend told me recently, when I inquired about what to do about teenage daughters (my wife's daughter is also 16), "not to worry. All will be fine", he said, speaking from experience. "Things will improve immensely the minute she moves out and goes to college". Sheesh, I was hoping for advice right now! I love her to death, but man, are 16-year-old girls really human?

My wife is vacuuming the living room carpet right now. Our dog, an American Eskimo named Chloe, is "attacking" the vacuum cleaner like it is the biggest, baddest intruder to ever set foot in our house. Try as I might, I can't break her of the habit. Unfortunately, she's 16 in doggy years and I don't think she'll be moving out in 2 years to go to college. I also don't think my teenage daughter is inclined to take Chloe to college with her, nor do I really think that would be a good idea.


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