Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Prelude to the Weekend Wish List

So far, a week hasn't gone by without a lot of things to wish for! Unfortunately, I can't wait until the weekend to post my thoughts.

Time for Perez Hilton to slide into the ash bin of history. His personal assault on the tradition of marriage should only command a brief obit: "Perez Hilton died today, championed overturning the institution of marriage. He was laughed into obscurity".

Carrie Prejean authors a book on traditional values. It stays on the top of New York Times' best sellers list while the paper is shut down due to lack of circulation.

Obama's attempts to provide government money to bail out failed newspapers crashes and burns on the floor of the House. Too many House members have already sold their holdings in liberal newspapers to give a shit.

The Hubble Telescope is repaired and put into perfect working condition. Unfortunately, it re-orients itself to point toward Earth and can't be adjusted. NASA blames the curtailment of the shuttle program on not being able to fix the error. James Hansen is fired after suggesting that the Obama administration purposely re-oriented the Hubble to spy on July 4th Tea Parties.

A freak May storm in the Gulf of Mexico washes up thousands of sand dollars in Naples, FL. The press calls it a predicable devaluation of the sand dollar by the effects of man-made global warming. Rush dubs it "The Sand Cent Scandal".

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