Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reclaim, Reform and Restore!

I heard an interesting exchange on the Laura Ingraham Show a few nights ago. A caller suggested that the "mantra" for Republicans should be "Restore". We should restore the government to what was intended by the US Constitution. Laura took it a step further and suggested the mantra should be "Reclaim [Congress], Reform [Government] and [then] Restore.

Although I think those ideas are appropriate, there is really only one thing that everyone needs to focus on and that is "RECLAIM". If that doesn't happen, then the rest of the three are moot!

The argument is all about how Republicans are going to reclaim the majority in Congress. I have to say, I agree with Rush when he says "TEACH"! Instead of listening tours and worrying about what the liberals are saying should happen, we need to engage people in the conversation regarding constitutionalism.

Unfortunately, the only way we will be able to "reclaim" anything is through an existing political party. In other words, we have to first "reclaim" the Republican Party! I disagree with this so-called committee that wants to define a "New America". What the hell is wrong with the old one? The one that I grew up with before all the libs took over Washington and turned it into a cesspool of "special interests"?

Let's take things one step at a time. We need to reclaim the Republican Party and remake it as the party of (1) Pro-Federalism, (2) Pro-Capitalism and (3) Pro-Individualism. Those three foundational elements will help establish everything else that's worth fighting for: a strong defense, a respect for life and a respect for the rule of law.

Your thoughts?

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