Saturday, June 14, 2014

Memorable Story

I met a friend for a drink tonight at our favorite sports bar. As we were sitting at the table, the waitress came over to ask if we would like another drink. My friend answered "surely!"

That reminded me of a time many years ago when I lived in Fort Wayne. We were having dinner at the Fort Wayne Country Club with then-Senator Dan Quayle. He was seated directly across the table from me. To his right sat my Stepfather, Orvas Beers, then GOP Chairman of Allen County and since deceased. To my left sat my brother.

When the waitress came up to Orvas and asked if he'd like a drink, he said "surely", as he was wont to do. I thought nothing of it. At the time, Senator Quayle was talking to numerous people that had come up to the table, seemingly not paying any attention to us.

The waitress went to him and said "Senator Quayle, would you like anything to drink?"  He responded by saying "Shirley, I would like to have....." Orvas, my brother and I immediately busted up laughing! Dan Quayle had no idea what we were laughing at.

I'll never forget it! Dan Quayle is not stupid, but that night he was clueless by half!

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