Friday, July 23, 2010

Wherein Lies Leadership?

I am aghast at the events that are unfolding before our eyes:
Ground Zero Mosque

JournoList collusion in the news

The return of the "Death Tax"

Obamacare mandates are now a tax

Expiration of the Bush tax cuts

Cap and Trade
Where do we find the leadership to confront these issues? I'm not the only one concerned. As an example, only 20% favor the Ground Zero Mosque. In addition, it now seems like the timing of your death means everything. Is there now an incentive to pull the plug on Granny before December 31st? What kind of government creates that kind of incentive?

Fortunately, there IS someone leading the charge against many of these issues.

"An Intolerable Mistake on Hallowed Ground"

JournoList fallout

Energy independence and Cap and Tax

And there is still much, much more to focus on. One idea that's being floated is "Nullification". We just need someone to lead the effort. Sarah Palin has clearly shown that she is willing to speak up for the American spirit on a whole host of issues. While Washington politicians tremble at the thought of repeal and nullification, they will follow a leader.

Can you think of anyone at this juncture that can even begin to do what needs to be done besides Sarah Palin? If so, I need names AND evidence, because I'm not convinced that there is anyone else that even comes close.

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