Friday, July 16, 2010

If not me, who?

There is a feeling that comes over you when you have a conviction. You will not stand to be denied. You've thought about it, you've anguished about it, you've analyzed it, but you always come back to the same place: you're right.

We all experience that moment, whether it be in our personal lives, our business lives, or the things we care about, like God and Country.

We seldom accept a forum beyond our immediate concerns. But what if we did?

What would we do if we pursued the concept of steering our home town? How many times have you floated the notion, but did nothing about it? How many times did you say: I'm not qualified, I'm not worthy, I'm just an observer?

What happens when you take that plunge without looking back?

Once there, how do you stop from pursuing a solution to all that confronts and maddens you?

After taking the plunge, how can you possibly look back?

Sarah Palin has done all those things. It started locally, then built up regionally and now has gone national.

I am in awe of her convictions. Doesn't she kinda remind you of you and what you'd like to do?

Hat Tip: Texas4Palin and this link.

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